SIGNAV Alumnis

Name Graduation date Company Position
ABDELRAZAK Younes November 2000 Marvell Switzerland Software Manager
AL BITAR Hanaa July 2007 Thales Alenia Space GNSS Systems Engineer
AUBAULT Marion January 2015  CNES  Radionavigation Engineer
BASTIDE Frederic September 2014  European Commission  Policy Officer
BEHAR Emilie October 2007 Thales Alenia Space Digital Signal Processing Engineer
Ben Afia Amani October 2017 Continental Automotive  Geolocalization Engineer
BLAIS Antoine February 2015 ENAC Researcher / Lecturer
BLAIS Delphine September 1997 Airbus  
BROCARD Philippe March 2016 Airbus Defence and Space  
CARCANAGUE Sébastien February 2013  Airbus Defence and Space GNSS Algorithms Performance Engineer
CHEN Adrien December 2010 Airbus  Director of Flight Safety
CHIBOUT Benjamin December 2008 Zodiac Aerospace  
ESCHER Anne-Christine November 2002 ENAC Researcher / Lecturer
FOUCRAS Myriam February 2015 CESBIO Research Engineer
GARCIA-PENA Axel October 2010 ENAC Researcher / Lecturer
GIREMUS Audrey December 2005 IMS Bordeaux Assistant Professor
KUBRAK Damien Mai 2006 Thales Alenia Space France  
LEGRAND Fabrice November 2002 M3Systems  
MACABIAU Christophe September 1997 ENAC Head of the TELECOM laboratory
MANGONNEAUX Audrey   Thalès Avionics  
MARTINEAU Anaïs November 2008 ENAC  

ENAC Engineers and GNSS Master's Course Director

Head of Electronics, Electromagnetism and Signal Processing Division

MONTLOIN Leslie July 2014 Imajing Navigation Engineer
NERI Pierre November 10th 2011 Airbus Flight Management System Designer
OUZEAU Christophe April 2010 ALTRAN Technology Advanced consultant/engineer, research project leader
PAGOT Jean-Baptiste December 2016 ENAC Radionavigation Engineer
PAIMBLANC Philippe November 2006 TeSA Research Engineer
RAIMONDI Mathieu November 2008 Thales Alenia Space Navigation Systems Engineer
ROTONDO Giuseppe December 2016 GUIDE GNSS Test Engineer
SALOS Daniel July 2012 Egis Avia Navigation Engineer
SERANT Damien   Thales Alenia Space  
December 2017 Altran Engineering B.V.  Project Lead
SPANGENBERG Mariana Jun 2009 ESA  
THEVENON Paul November 2010 ENAC Researcher / Lecturer


December 18th 2014 ENAC  Post-Doc


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