End Date PhD Student PhD Title Funding
Dec. 2017 Enik Shytermeja GNSS Integrity Monitoring for Urban Environment European Commission
Oct. 2017 Amani Ben Afia Development of GNSS/INS/SLAM Algorithms for Navigation in Constrained Environments ENAC, M3Systems
Dec. 2016 Jean-Baptiste Pagot Investigation of GNSS SiS Deformations and Their Impact on User/System Performance ENAC, ESA, Capgemini
Dec. 2016 Giuseppe Rotondo Processing and monitoring of multi-constellation and multi-frequencies GBAS measurement SESAR Joint Undertaking,ENAC
Jul. 2016 Alizé Gilbert Optimal GPS/GALILEO GBAS methodologies with an application to troposphere SESAR/ENAC
Mar. 2016 Philippe Brocard  Integrity monitoring for mobile users in urban environment Egis, ENAC, GSA
Feb. 2015 Myriam Foucras Performance Analysis of Modernized GNSS Signal Acquisition  ABBIA  (CIFRE)
Jan. 2015 Marion Aubault Analysis and Improvement of GNSS Navigation Message Demodulation Performance in Urban Environments CNES/TAS
 Dec. 2014  Jérémy Vézinet Study of future onboard GNSS/IRS hybridization architectures  AIRBUS
Sep. 2014 Antoine Blais Feasibility of a Direct Sampling Dual-Frequency SDR Galileo Receiver for Civil Aviation  
 Jul. 2014  Leslie Montloin GNSS Integrity Monitoring in the Presence of Singular Events  AIRBUS (CIFRE)
 Feb. 2013  Sébastien Carcanague Low-cost GPS/GLONASS Precise Positioning Algorithm in Constrained Environment  M3S, CNES (CIFRE)
2011 Damien Serant  Advanced signal processing algorithms for GNSS and OFDM signals reception CNES/TAS
Jul. 2012 Carlos Daniel Salós Andrés Integrity monitoring applied to the reception of GNSS signals in urban environments CNES/TAS
Nov. 2011 Pierre Néri Use of GPS/GALILEO signals and the associated augmentations for aircrafts navigation AIRBUS
Nov. 2011 Paul Thevenon S-band air interfaces for navigation systems: a focus on OFDM signals CNES/TAS
Dec. 2010 Adrien Chen Development of a Hybrid Deterministic-Statistical GPS Multipath Simulator for Airport Navigation AIRBUS
Oct. 2010 Axel Garcia-Peña Optimization of demodulation performance of the GPS and GALILEO navigation messages CNES/TAS
Apr. 2010 Christophe Ouzeau Degraded Modes Resulting From The Multi Constellation Use Of GNSS DGAC
Jun. 2009 Mariana Spangenberg Safe navigation for vehicles Safe navigation for vehicles TAS
Nov. 2008 Anaïs Martineau Performance of Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) for Vertically Guided Approaches DGAC
Oct. 2008 Mathieu Raimondi Development and Characterization of Pulsed Interference Mitigation Techniques for Onboard GNSS Receivers European Commission
Oct. 2007 Emilie Rebeyrol Galileo signals and payload optimization CNES
Nov. 2006 Philippe Paimblanc Integrity risk in satellite radionavigation systems  
Jul. 2006 Hanaa Al-Bitar Advanced GPS signal processing techniques for LBS services TAS
Mai. 2006 Damien Kubrak Hybridisation of a GPS Receiver with Low-Cost Sensors for Personal Positioning in Urban Environment. TAS
Dec. 2005 Audrey Giremus Signals for Use with Civil Aviation  
Oct. 2004 Frédéric Bastide Analysis of the Feasibility and Interests of Galileo E5a/E5b and GPS L5 DGAC
Dec. 2003 Anne-Christine Escher Study of the contribution of GNSS/INS hybridization to GNSS integrity monitoring for civil aviation applications Thales Avionics
Nov. 2002 Fabrice Legrand  Spread spectrum signal tracking loop models and raw measurements accuracy improvement method CNES
Nov. 2000 Younes Abdelrazak Sequential Theory Applied to GNSS Integrity Monitoring and to GNSS-INS Hybridization  
Sept. 1997 Christophe Macabiau Analysis of the feasibility of using GPS carrier phase ambiguity resolution techniques for precision approaches DGAC
Sept. 1997 Delphine Doris Modelling of GPS receivers : application to the study if the performance of the L1 GPS receiver in presence of multipath propagation  

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