Research Projects

For confidentiality reasons, only the projects with public funding are displayed.

Current Projects

ATLAS The objective of ATLAS is twofold:
(1) To continue the standardisation efforts for EGNOS and Galileo, developing MOPS for different kinds of GNSS receivers
(2) To bring support to the EC for the adoption of Galileo in the relevant international standardisation bodies (such as EUROCAE, RTCA and ICAO) and to support the introduction of the modernization of EGNOS (EGNOS V3) as the European contribution to the development of SBAS Multi Constellation Multi Frequency (MCMF) recommended by ICAO.
European Commission FDC, GMV, Thales Avionics, EGIS AVIA, SARPS Solutions
BELS BELS implements a set of coordinated actions to promote European GNSS – EGNSS technologies in South East Asia (SEA) GSA – H2020 ISMB, PoliTo, UPC, bavAIRia, ENAC,UNSW, IFEN GMBH, Thales Aliena Space Italia, INDRA Sistemas SA, Septentrio NV, NSTDA, HUST, NAVIS Centre
SESAR 15.3.7 Development of GBAS Multi-Constellation Multi-Frequency. SESAR Joint Undertaking INDRA, AENA, Airbus, Alenia, DFS, DSNA, ENAV, Eurocontrol, Honeywell, Natmig, Selex, Thales
e-KnoT E-KnoT is a project that aims at strengthening the interactions in Europe between the areas of education-research-industry in the GNSS sector. European Commission – H2020 PoliTo, UPC, DLC, AstriPolska, UniBwM, BavAIRia
ITN MultiPos MultiPos aims at bridging the gap between the lower technology layer and upper application layer involved in wireless mobile location. European Commission – REA Tampere University of Technology, Chalmers University of Technology, Honeywell, University of Nottingham, Ptolemus, (Vreije University) VU-VUMC, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Pildo Labs, GMV
MIMOSA MIMOSA aims at exploring innovative, accurate positioning systems based on the hybridization of vision sensors and GNSS information DGCIS (France) M3Systems, CEA, ACTIA Automotive, Novacom Services
MISTRALE MISTRALE will develop and demonstrate a prototype of GNSS Reflectometry sensor embedded on a dedicated Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) platform for measuring soil moisture using GNSS reflected signature European Commission – H2020 M3Systems, Starlab, GET-CNRS, Aerovision, L’Avion Jaune
GNSS Expertise Support Support and participation to working groups and standardisation groups related to RAIM and SBAS evolutions. Technical support related to signal processing and navigation. DSNA/DTI

Recent Projects (end 2014)

e-HIMALAYA The e-HIMALAYA project aims at prototyping innovative GNSS-based core technologies and concepts, with the objective to build key Galileo differentiators in a multi-GNSS hybridized receiver. European Commission – FP7 Thales Alenia Space, STMicro, DLR, Eclexys
GENIUS The GENIUS project focuses on building strong links between universities, research institutes and industry. European Commission – FP7 University of Nottingham, PoliTo, Aalborg University, UniBwM, AZO, UPC, ISAE
RUMS-NAVSYNC The RUMS-NAVSYNC project aims at conceiving an onboard equipment that allows the generation of timing, synchronisation and navigation signals that are used by all the test equipments required for flight trials. Midi-Pyrénées Region Microsystèmes, M3Systems, Airbus
IONO E5 Investigation of ionosphere delay estimation based on a local ionospheric model and Galileo E5 signals CNES TeSA
ESA ITI Investigation of Evil Waveform Threat models adapted to GPS L5 ESA Capgemini