Recent Projects

For confidentiality reasons, only the projects with public funding are displayed.

e-HIMALAYA The e-HIMALAYA project aims at prototyping innovative GNSS-based core technologies and concepts, with the objective to build key Galileo differentiators in a multi-GNSS hybridized receiver. European Commission – FP7 Thales Alenia Space, STMicro, DLR, Eclexys
GENIUS The GENIUS project focuses on building strong links between universities, research institutes and industry. European Commission – FP7 University of Nottingham, PoliTo, Aalborg University, UniBwM, AZO, UPC, ISAE
RUMS-NAVSYNC The RUMS-NAVSYNC project aims at conceiving an onboard equipment that allows the generation of timing, synchronisation and navigation signals that are used by all the test equipments required for flight trials. Midi-Pyrénées Region Microsystèmes, M3Systems, Airbus
IONO E5 Investigation of ionosphere delay estimation based on a local ionospheric model and Galileo E5 signals CNES TeSA
ESA ITI Investigation of Evil Waveform Threat models adapted to GPS L5 ESA Capgemini